The best Ferrari gifts

We provide a list of some of the best gifts for Ferrari fans that aren’t caps and towels.

best Ferrari gifts

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We knew finding the best Ferrari gifts was imminent in our gift hunting season. When it comes to the topic of car gift guides, nothing really goes hand in hand more than Italian brand with the prancing horse. With stores and merchandise spread across stores in cities across the globe, you can almost find a Ferrari logo on pretty much anything.

We all have our favourite Ferraris too. From the divine 250GT Lusso to the technical 488 Pista, the back catalogue of cars is nothing short of utterly spectacular. The precision in engineering and Enzo's fascination with racing and going fast is still embodied in the brand today. It even went back to Le Mans this year and won for the first time since 1965.

We do all dream of driving a Ferrari. But apart from those with some cash or the occasional fortunate motoring journalist, most of us have to make do with seeing one at a cars and coffee event. Or, invest in other Ferrari or even Porsche gifts and live the dream that way.

The best Ferrari gifts at a glance:

Editor's pick: KK Scale Models Ferrari Testarossa - buy from Amazon.
Best Lego Speed Champions Ferrari: Lego 512S - buy from Lego.
Best Ferrari F1 book: Ferrari Formula One Car-by-Car - buy from Waterstones.

With that in mind, and following on from our love for BMW gifts and other marques. We have therefore compiled a comprehensive list of the best Ferrari gifts for fans of the marque. You may decide to treat someone else, or to keep them for yourself.

The best Ferrari gifts

Editor's pick

best Ferrari giftsVia KK Scale Models
Price: $109.95

The story goes that in the first two seasons of Miami Vice, a Daytona Spider replica with Corvette underpinnings was used. But this angered Ferrari so much, that in the light of a lawsuit, the producers agreed to accept two brand new Testarossas for filming free of charge.

The Testas were originally black, but then repainted white so they could be more visible during the many night scenes in the series. This 1:18 scale model by KK is a wonderful representation of the car used. It's a 'mono-mono' car, meaning it has the single wing mirror and the single centre wheel caps - the earliest and more desirable of the Testarossa range.


  • Great Miami Vice model
  • Amazing detail


  • White doesn't really suit Ferraris, does it?

The best Lego technic Ferrari

best Ferrari giftsVia Lego
Price: £169.99

Lego technic have come into their own in recent years with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Bugatti Chiron, and numerous more.

This kit of the AF Corse Ferrari 488 GTB is no exception. The proportions are incredibly questionable, but with a V8 engine with moving pistons, working suspension, opening doors and steering, this is a hugely fun thing to build over the course of a weekend.


  • Good fun to build
  • Lots of technical components


  • It barely resembles a 488 GTE

Best Lego Speed Champions Ferrari

best Ferrari giftsVia Lego

This model also acts as a time travel machine that transports you back to a time when car racing was at its peak in terms of drama and excitement. LEGO has done a sterling job of making this 512 look like the real version too.


  • A fun build
  • Ideal for a Speed Champions collection


  • It is over rather quickly

The best Ferrari model kit

best Ferrari giftsVia Tamiya
Price: $53.35

If you've ever fancied yourself a Ferrari Formula One car that you'd like to build yourself, then Tamiya are happy to oblige. It's an amazingly detailed kit of Mansell's 1989 season car that helped him win the Brazilian and Hungarian Grand Prix in that year.

It was powered by a screaming 3.5 litre V12, but unfortunately, it didn't prove to be that reliable throughout the year. Mansell suffered with seven retirements and his teammate, Gerhard Berger, had 12. Still, at least you don't have to worry about an engine breaking with a model kit.


  • Incredible detail
  • Represents highlight in Ferrari's F1 history


  • Can require some patience

Best Ferrari gaming wheel

best Ferrari giftsVia Thrustmaster

Like the 458 wheel for Xbox above, this Thrustmaster racing wheel balances performance and value. It too uses Thrustmaster's bungee mechanism to deliver reliable steering resistance and wheel self-centring.

The rubber on the steering wheel, along with the adjustable pedals, makes this wheel very ergonomic and comfortable to use. There are 11 control action buttons on the wheel for easy game navigation.


  • Great feel
  • Resembles genuine Ferrari wheel


  • It may feel a little odd when driving non-Ferraris in games.

Best Ferrari print

best Ferrari giftsVia Etsy

The Ferrari 288 GTO is frequently remembered as the road racer that never was. With this simple, illustration, you can forget all that hype and simply adore the 288 GTO's gorgeous proportions. Available as a high-quality PDF download in several colours.

We personally love the light green available - even though it was never offered from Ferrari as an option.


  • Great print
  • Comes in a selection of colours


  • Not as artsy as other prints

best Ferrari book

best Ferrari giftsVia CAR

Rrp: $50.00

Price: $28.49
Alternative retailers
Target$28.49View offer

Dennis Alder's comprehensive book on the history and evolution of Ferrari is a must-have for any Ferrari enthusiast. It covers everything from the early 166 Inters to the gloriously swoopy Roma.

It doesn't use much archival photography which is a bit of a let down. But nevertheless, you are greeted with stunning images of Ferraris throughout the ages as well as the story that surrounds them along with technical specifications.


  • Comprehensive history on Ferrari
  • Includes detail on many models


  • The photography is largely not from the archives

Best Ferrari biography

best Ferrari giftsVia Pengiun
Price: $17.11

Brock Yates explores all the fascinating layers of Enzo Ferrari, digging deep into the revered public figure who began the world's most famous car brand. Here, you get to know Enzo Ferrari down to a

According to reviews, the story tends to skip over the latter years of Enzo's life, but it should remain a very interesting read to any petrolhead looking for a bit of light reading.


  • Great insight into Enzo Ferrari
  • A great read for prolonged train or plane journeys


  • Biographies will naturally come with small flaws

The best Ferrari design book

best Ferrari giftsVia teNeues

Rrp: $150.00

Price: $140.00

In keeping with the stylish Ferrari vibe, this book is a pleasure to behold in itself. The aesthetics and design are something to enjoy, in addition to the 400-odd pages of content looking at the automotive and social success of the Ferrari brand.

It would make for a fabulous gift to a Ferrari enthusiast or owner when you've probably tried everything else first.


  • Great read if you're into design
  • Covers tonnes of history


  • Design doesn't cover everything

Best Ferrari F1 book

best Ferrari giftsVia Motorbooks
Price: $45.00

If you fancy yourself browsing through Ferrari's extensive Formula One back catalogue, then this book is for you. Since the sport was founded in 1950, Ferrari have taken part in every single season - and have a lot of machines and engineering skills to be beckoned upon.

It was published in 2021, but that should be no issue to the prancing horse historian.


  • Essential if you're a Ferrari F1 fan
  • Incredibly comprehensive detail on each car


  • Not necessarily for the casual reader

How did Ferrari gain its iconography?

Through many laps of racing. Before Enzo founded the brand, he was heavily involved in managing the Scuderia Ferrari racing team at Alfa Romeo throughout the 1930s. His interest in racing went as far back as witnessing local Italian races in the 1900s when he was a child.

The Ferrari brand properly established itself once it bagged a victory at the 1949 Le Mans 24h. Throughout the 50s, Ferrari sought endless fights on the circuits and road races against the likes of Alfa, Maserati, Jaguar, and Mercedes. Speaking of which, you can have a look at the best Mercedes gifts here.

The advanced nature of the engineering in the V12 engines and otherwise gave Ferrari an edge that gave competitors a seriously tough time. The aura and sense of style with the brand's success makes the best Ferrari gifts immensely popular. It's a vaguely similar story with Jaguar gifts, solely based off the back of the brand's popularity.

What is the greatest Ferrari ever made?

A question that would require it's own podcast to answer. Enzo once said "the best Ferrari is the next one". So, we could go with that. Or we could ask the affiliate team what their favourites are: I'm going for a Series 1 330 GT 2+2, Ryan is adamant on a 355 GTS finished in Giallo Modena, Adam says 430 Scuderia. Justin went for a 288 GTO, and Callum picks the 250 GT California.

What about the worst?

Probably has to be the Mondial. Even early Subaru Imprezas were quicker from 0-60 than it. Mind you, the popularity of Impreza Turbos is what makes our gift guides for them worthy.

Aaron Hussain is a commercial content writer at Bauer Media writing for Parkers and CAR. He is obsessed with classic cars and anything with a fascinating story to tell.

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Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us.

Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this website, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us