The best reversing cameras

Aftermarket car kit isn't just big spoilers and purple floodlights, there are useful options too - such as reversing cameras.

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Why should looking for the best aftermarket reversing cameras be on our minds? No one is foolish enough to tell someone else they aren’t good at parking. You’d be wiser swiftly changing the topic of conversation to discussing the best dash cams. Or going into a Porsche dealership trying to convince the sales staff to sell you one of the new 911 GT3s and wearing your Mercedes polo shirt. All you can do is hope people have the grace to admit it to themselves and seek the assistance of a reversing cameras.

Alongside dual dash cams, reversing cameras are genuinely useful aftermarket options you can fit to your car - particularly if you have a tendency to park by feel. But the important question is: what are the worthwhile reversing cameras to invest in?

The best aftermarket reversing cameras at a glance:

Editor's choice: Auto-Vox Solar 1 - buy from Amazon
Best value wireless reversing camera: Auto-Vox TD-2 Reversing Camera - buy from Amazon
The most versatile: Nextbase Rear Window Camera - buy from Amazon

There are more reversing cameras on the market than there are leaves on an old oak tree. Much like high tech dash cams, really. That's why we've put together our recommended reversing cameras, in order to help you make an informed decision. Our picks are all different but share the fact that they are from brands that are reputable and have been around for years.

The best aftermarket reversing cameras

Editor's choice

Auto-Vox solar reversing cameraVia Auto-Vox

Rrp: £159.99

Price: £111.99


For convenience, look no further. The Solar 1 set from Auto-Vox is the easiest reversing camera to


  • Easy set up
  • Solar panel is very effective


  • Video quality not the best

Best rear view mirror reversing camera

In Phase Rear View Reversing CameraVia In phase


A lot of people donu2019t want yet another screen on their caru2019s dashboard. Fair enough, and


  • Great adjustability
  • No extra screen required


  • Not the easiest to set up

Best value wireless reversing camera

Auto-Vox TD2Via Auto-Vox

Rrp: £115.99

Price: £99.99


The Auto-Vox TD-2 gives you wireless value. Installation is essentially the same as the In Phase


  • Stable wireless transmission
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable screen


  • Image quality not the best

The most versatile reversing camera

Nextbase Rear Window Camera

Rrp: £84.99

Price: £65.00
Alternative retailers
Currys£69.00View offer
Halfords£69.00View offer
Argos£69.99View offer
JD Williams£69.99View offer


In contrast to the plug-in, the wired Rear Camera module goes on the back window. It's also


  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use


  • Wiring isn't ideal

Best rear camera for Nextbase dash cams

Nextbase Click-in Rear View Camera

Rrp: £69.99

Price: £67.00
Alternative retailers
Currys£69.00View offer
Halfords£69.00View offer
Jacamo£69.99View offer
Argos£69.99View offer


This is perhaps the most compatible option if you're looking for an add on. If you already own a


  • Simple to install and use
  • Compatible with Nextbase dashcams


  • The method isn't for everyone

Why should I consider an aftermarket reversing camera?

You will be familiar with the fact that most modern cars have them built into the infotainment system. There are even factory versions of mirror dash cams now. However, not everybody has or can afford to get into a new car with all its swanky tech. This is where the purpose of a reversing camera comes in?

There is an enormous gap in the market for owners with modern cars that are both hard to see out of, and simply aren't equipped with the latest gadgetry. Not even on the level of a budget dash cam. With bigger pillars and smaller windows than most retro and classic cars, the ability to see out for yourself is becoming trickier.

Therefore if you're driving around in a 5-10 year old Golf or BMW 3-Series, the case for an aftermarket reversing camera is pretty solid. But if you are considering a dash cam at the same time, you can read our review of the Nextbase and Vantrue systems to form your own opinion.

What is the hardest car to see out of?

It's tempting to say a mid-engined Lambo. But for some bizarre reason, Polestar have launched a vehicle without a rear window.

Okay, what about the easiest?

Anything old and open-top, to be honest - like an Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite. And those are a fab drive as a bonus.

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