The best iPad mounts for long car journeys

Keep those in the back seat occupied with a quality iPad mount.

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The quiet voice emanating from the back simply says "can I have a go on the iPad?" Gone are the days of I-spy and Top Trumps, for most rear-seat occupants on a long journey, a tablet is essential. It'll allow them to watch TV shows, read magazines (preferably CAR) and even surf the web all on one device. Being able to mount them in the rear will aid comfort too, and there are two main ways to do this.

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Option one is to look at the top end of the market (Bentleys, high-end BMWs, etc) and make sure you spec the rear entertainment packages that include touch-screen tablets built into the front headrests. Admittedly, this is an expensive option which may put some people off. Spending £100,000 on a BMW 7-Series for the benefit of some screen mounts isn't the best financial advice. The best choice is to look for aftermarket iPad car mounts, something we've done so you can shop with confidence.

And don't worry Android fans, most of these iPad mounts can easily accommodate other tablets, as well as Nintendo Switches, smartphones and even portable DVD players.

The best iPad car mounts

The best iPad car mount

Inexpensive, simple to use and well-made, this iPad mount is our top pick for your next road trip. It can be adjusted to fit any tablet from 4.4-11 inches in size and is designed to absorb vibrations, perfect for watching Pepper Pig on a pebble-dashed road. It connects to the poles of the front seat headrest, important to note as proper headrest adjustment is essential for safety and if you're shorter, this holder may hinder that in a crash.

The best iPad car mount for adjustability

Another simple iPad mount, this option from Streetwize is well-made, easy to install and will help alleviate boredom on a long journey. It can also tilt and rotate, essential for comfortable viewing on a long journey. Streetwize also offer a 1-year guarantee and claim this holder can also safely accommodate other tablets and even portable DVD players.

The best iPad car mount for toddlers

Most iPad mounts fit the rear of a headrest, no good for rear-facing child seats. This seat mount wraps around the headrest to allow the tablet to be mounted facing the front. The mount itself is made from soft silicone to reduce any risk of injury and it can support both mobile phones and tablets thanks to the stretch found in silicone. The best thing however is that due to the loop design of the device, it can be used in a conventional way too, perfect for when your children can face the front in a car.

The best iPad car mount for central viewing

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Have more than one child in the back but only one tablet? Save yourself from endless squabbling by buying a centrally mountable iPad holder. It clips onto the headrest poles like many other options here but makes use of a telescopic handle to allow the tablet to be mounted centrally. It can also tilt, rotate and swivel making it a really solid choice. Be warned however, it will reduce rear visibility significantly when it's been extended.


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